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Programm Details

Mittwoch, 16.10.2019   |   14:45 - 15:30 Uhr   |    Mi 2.3

The Trouble with Jira

Michael Mahlberg
TCG The Consulting Guild GmbH

Agile conferences, blogs, twitter – wherever lean and agile people come together it is easy to stir up a tumult with emotions running high just by mentioning Jira. But why is there always such a strong reaction? Is it the quality of the tool? Not in my experience. The problem lies in the actual adoption in many organizations and – to be fair –similar points could be made about other tools as well. This talk will look into the systemic, sociological and organizational issues that make (some) of us wince each time we hear that our clients use Jira. And it will show how to deal with these issues!

Zielpublikum: Project Leads, Managers, Agile Coches, Change Agents
Voraussetzungen: Some experience in real life projects
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Advanced

Extended Abstract:

This is not meant to be a Jira bashing session, but a talk that aims to provide actual guidance for all agile initiatives challenged with centrally administered systems. After this talk participants will know (more) about - A better – and more objective – understanding on why so many people in the lean and agile communities object the usage of Jira - Approaches to succeeding with lean and agile initiatives despite centrally administered ticketing systems like the one mentioned in the title